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Order for same-day or next-day pickup and delivery of your package with ZERO DISAPPOINTMENT


Fast Delivery Service
With ZERO DISAPPOINTMENT in Lagos, Nigeria.

Okiki Delivery specialise in delivery services in Lagos, Nigeria and its environs. We are also committed to seeking ways to improve her customer experience especially in disseminating faster feedback information on the items shipped. Now you can know the status of your shipment here


Okiki Courier Delivery

Helping people who need delivery services without the problems.

Go the extra mile

All it takes is an extra passion and determination backed with actions like using Okiki delivery to see and make your customers happy.

Stress-free + peace of mind

When your business does not stress you, then why should delivery (a post-sales service) stress you? You need the peace of mind that Okiki offers.

Ease of use

Tap into the user's centeredness of Okiki courier services. We offer our users convenience, speed, & exceptional experience to do what they need to do.

Gift your business an exceptional partner -
Okiki Courier services

How is Okiki Delivery Solving the Delivery Problems in Lagos, Nigeria?

Okiki customer

The logistic industry and courier delivery service in Lagos, Nigeria is synonymous to disappointments, lack of trust, lack of transparency, terrible customer service, etc and we have had our share of the sweet-bitter experience hence the launch of Okiki Courier App – To service you our customer by reducing the problems to the barest minimum, making sure that customers can request for local pick-up and delivery from their comfort zones, have an estimated time of delivery to plan properly, easily monitor the movement of their deliveries in real time, get timely, adequate, human and emotionally delivered response to their queries and questions, and more at an affordable price. Learn more about us.

Want to Join or Use Okiki Courier Today?

There are two ways to join Okiki or use Okiki Courier App. You can use Okiki Courier App
as an Okiki Partner or Okiki Customer or as both.

Okiki Partner Rider

Who is an Okiki Partner Rider? An Okiki Partner Rider, is any individual or a logistics or courier business with one or more delivery motorbike (Up-to date document) and also has SMART business goals.

Okiki Customer

Who is an Okiki Customer? An Okiki Customer is any individual or small business owner or multinational company that occasionally or regularly sends out deliveries & DOES NOT WANT DISAPPOINTMENT.

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